This is where we radically reboot.

Ease into wellbeing.

Bali 2020.
The Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat.
6 days, 5 nights.
16 - 21 May.

Come immerse yourself in a transformative week of living Ayurveda, renewing yoga āsana, meditation, nāda yoga, mantra, therapeutic treatment, resonance and revelation. This retreat is meticulously handcrafted for your pilgrimage to a place of beingness where you may remember your wholeness.

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"From here, I know I will
have more love for people.
Whether I loved them before or not."

Bernadette Zen

"I feel revived, rejuvenated and enthusiastic to get going and share the knowledge I gained."

Elizabeth Scott

"No change required.
All bits were golden.
Content all wonderful!"

Liz Schembri

The Perfect Health Centre, Cowra

End of the Decade
Review and Renew Retreat

Immerse yourself in a weekend of yoga, cooking and Ayurveda,
and commit to nourishing your health for the new decade.

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India 2020. The definitive step towards wellbeing.

As part of the search for Perfect Health, from time to time, you may want to immerse yourself in the full Ayurvedic package.


The whole experience of panchakarma fully prepares you to begin again, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Ideally practiced yearly or with the change of seasons, panchakarma will help restore your vitality and inner balance.


Panchakarma is a five step cleansing process that releases accumulated toxins from our body and mind and re-enlivens our bodys’ natural healing ability.


Panchakarma helps when our busy lifestyle and high levels of stress have led to a build up of toxins in our body. This could show up as a number of imbalances including tiredness, digestive issues or mental health concerns.

The retreat generally falls around March and is a very small group of individuals. The Panchakarma is the true life reboot, and should be considered carefully. Enter your details below to schedule an interview with Robyn to discuss your current position.

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