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For the LOVE of Food

PHC Cowra

28 - 30 October 2022

For the LOVE of Food is a three day, 15 hour+ program where you’ll be unpacking nutrition, digestion and psychology of food through Ayurveda

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Yoga For Winter Wellness

PHC | Cowra

16 July 2022 | 9:30 - 12p


Take the time to get away from life’s distractions, get in tune with yourself, and learn skills that you can apply right away to live a healther and more holistic life.

Throughout the year, Robyn offers several retreats that focus on putting into practice Ayurveda, cooking, yoga, meditation, and more.  Life offers us many challenges and distractions that can shift our focus and attention away from learning and applying concepts that bring us to our best state of well-being.  This is why so many have joined Robyn on retreats that remove us from those daily distractions as she guides you from her expertise with Ayurveda.

The Perfect Health Centre is one of very few places in Australia that teaches the concepts of Ayurveda.  You can accompany Robyn in one of the hosted retreats that are available locally and internationally.  Scroll down the page to see upcoming retreats and insights from those who have gone on retreat previously.

What previous retreat participants had to say

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What an incredible retreat!!! I have learnt so much about Ayurveda and its benefits. The entire retreat flowed beautifully and has helped me understand the true power of using these timeless principles. Robyn is truly incredible.

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I loved this retreat. The energy and caring attention to details of all concepts provided was done in a completely loving way. Robyn is a wonderful teacher and is so generous with sharing her skills and knowledge. Thank you.

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What an amazing weekend. I’ve attended weekends based on Ayurveda before and Robyn is special. She doesn’t overwhelm. You feel that you can apply this to your life right now... small steps but achievable ones. Thank you x

Alex C.
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Robyn’s knowledge was pitched really well for our group. I now know how Ayurveda can be maintained in my life in a practical way. Thank you! Namaste.

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This was my first retreat and I’m so happy and satisfied.It has created a strong desire for me to learn more and more about Ayurveda and life.

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A great way to allow yourself to completely focus and become immersed in not doing! A perfect way to stop the carousel of daily life and connect with yourself. Heart winner.

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This retreat was fabulous! There was so much in-depth knowledge. I LOVE ayurveda and looking to learn more and this retreat has given me the incentive to keep learning. Robyn puts so much energy and love into it. Thank you so much.

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Robyn puts Ayurvedic concepts and practices into layman’s terms. She gives you the tools to begin a path of finding balance in your life which is simple and achievable. This is my second retreat and the small changes I made from the last retreat are still working for me...

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