Meditation Immersion Retreat

9 - 11th April, 2021
Perfect Health Centre

“Silence isn’t empty. It’s full of answers.”

Would you like to:
Receive your own individually attuned sacred mantra
Be more comfortable with meditating
Share experiences and find out what’s “normal.”
Tap into your inner knowing
Return a sense of balance and stillness to your life

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Your Immersion Program

All Sessions Held at Perfect Health Centre, Cowra

This program serves as a guide rather than a formal edict. If a different direction becomes obvious over the weekend, the flow of the retreat will be honoured and adjusted accordingly.

Day 1

Friday 30th Oct

5 pm

Arrive at PHC

Settle, set-up and connect.

6 pm

Session 1

Meditation, Receiving Mantras, Bottomless Soup

8:30 pm


Home time.

Day 2

Saturday 31st Oct

7.30-8,30 am



9:30-10.45 am

Session 2

Pranayam, Mantra and Meditation Practice.
Open discussion.


11:15-12.30 pm

Session 2

The 7 Levels of Consciousness

Lunch and Free Time

2:30-3.45 pm

Session 3

Meditation and Deeper Connection

4:30-5.30 pm

Session 4

Aligning Energy Systems - Practical

6 pm

Light Dinner - Supplied

7:30-8.30 pm


Journals Required

Day 3

Sunday 1st Nov

8.30 -
10.15 am

Session 5

Mantra, Movement, Meditation


10:45-11.30 am


Where to's, sharing & closing circle.

There will be time to meditate, time to discuss, time to share, time to learn and time to just BE.

This immersion will allow you to reconnect comfortably and compassionately with your Self, empower you through more deeply understanding your meditation practice and create new pathways of Being.

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Hosted by Robyn Lynch

Robyn has a passion for 'True Wellness’.

Her dream is that all people have access to the wisdom of self-knowing that allows each of us to experience our inherent freedom. As the founder of The Perfect Health Centre, she’s facilitated life-changing programs for thousands of clients. Robyn has a B. Ed and has studied extensively in Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, Meditation and breakthrough healing practices. Her qualifications include being an Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner, holding a Masters from the Chopra Centre University and she is currently lecturer on the Faculty of IYTA. (International Yoga Teachers Association.)

Robyn standing in professional attire