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Yoga For Winter Wellness

Saturday 16th July | 9:30 - 12 p.m.

A yoga workshop to bring balance and wellbeing for the winter season focusing on strengthening digestive, respiratory, and immune systems.

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Taught in person at the Pefect Health Centre

Ayurveda recognises we’re a microcosm in the macrocosm – whatever is happening without is also happening within. In Ayurveda winter is recognised as the Kapha season. Kapha is heavy, cold, damp, unchanging, and slow.

Just like a lingering cold.

This workshop will help you:


Create inner heat,
improving digestion

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Develop lightness shifting physical energy and mental attitudes


Strengthen your lungs and heart, building immunity.

The principles of like increases like and opposites balance help you to navigate this (and every) season.

This workshop includes:

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2 ½ hours balanced blend of yoga, meditation and pranayama
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The #1 practice for strengthening digestion and elimination
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Focused pranayama specifically for kapha season
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Heat building yoga asana’s, including heart opening and digestion stimulating
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Powerful restorative Yoga Nidra
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Ayurvedic principles to support you during winter.


Saturday 16th July,
9.30 - 12 p.m.


In Person at the Perfect Health Centre,
45 Macquarie Street Cowra

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About Robyn Lynch

Robyn Lynch brings decades of teaching experience from both Ayurvedic Wisdom and Yoga. Her long history of working in these healing modalities, her personal transformation and the experiences of her clients and students continue to inspire Robyn in her work.

Her deep desire is to bring these empowering tools to those who are seeking complete health; body, mind and spirit. As she has witnessed repeatedly, your health truly is in your hands when you have the right knowledge.

It is this right knowledge Robyn shares generously and succinctly in her life work in simple, practical and inspiring ways.