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What is Your Ayurveda Starter Kit?

Are you confused by all the information about what’s healthy and what’s not?
Are you interested in Ayurveda but haven’t known where to start?
Are you looking for simple recipes that taste delicious?

This is what Your Ayurveda Starter Kit (or YASK, for short) strives to accomplish. If you feel tired, lack energy, have food intolerances, or find it difficult to cook for a family and satisfy everyone, this is where to resolve these issues.

the proof is in the people...

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There are several workshops and locations available with which to participate in YASK, including online.
This is a truly immersive and practical experience that is designed to be lived. Robyn aims to have a truly cooperative relationship with all participants of the course. As a result, spaces are limited.

"Robyn has an amazing knowledge of Ayurveda and can very simply share this for all to understand"

"I left with revived enthusiasm to reboot my wellness  quest"

Current Workshops