Bringing Meditation Down to Earth.

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What is the Meditation Course?

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Why Meditate?

“If there is one thing you could do to change all things, that one thing is meditation.” Deepak Chopra

Meditation is not stopping your thoughts or having a blank mind. We just need to slow our thoughts down, allow our nervous system to calm and our body to return to homeostasis.


There are so many stress-induced imbalances – and we all have some of them. Your body is always trying to heal, trying to be strong and healthy, trying to balance your mental health, keeping you in a happier state of mind and trying to support you in making the most nourishing choices.

When you’re stressed, when your body is in fight/flight mode, it’s physically impossible for your body to function properly, which leads to issues such as:
- Mental health issues especially anxiety, anger and depression
- Poor sleep, insomnia and fatigue
- Poor digestion and digestive issues, food intolerances & weight problems
- Poor sleep, insomnia and fatigue
- Sticky blood platelets, leading to strokes and heart disease
- Relationship issues

Every Body (And Mind) Benefits From Meditation.
Meditation is truly a one-size fit’s all practice. It’s just getting over the hurdle of starting (and then the hurdle of continuing!) But once you’re over those hurdles, the benefits are yours for the enjoying.

This program is offered LIVE online.

Bringing Meditation Down To Earth is a fully guided program that takes place over four consecutive weeks and includes:

- Four 75 minute sessions, including a weekly 20 minute meditation.  ‍
- A specialised eBook every week, that includes a journal to keep track of your progress, as well as valuable information and worksheet-style reflections.
- Weekly downloadable recordings of each session that are yours to keep.
- Guest interview with a leading Meditation Harvard trained researcher.
‍- An invitation to join a FREE meditation group after the course's conclusion, where you are encouraged to continue meditating in a virtual room with others, including Robyn.

Through this Program you’ll move towards:
- Calmer mind and clearer thoughts
- Reduced stress and anxiety
- Improved clarity and decision making
- Better sleep habits and feeling happier

Taught live on an online platform, your questions are answered as they arise. You’re part of a group that together creates a positive collective energy, powerfully igniting your transformative process.
This allows you to take control of your meditation practice, and gives you the resources to finally bring the benefits of meditation into your life.

If you’re ready to finally “GET” meditation, then this is the perfect course for you.

Robyn smiling while on a webinar class
"Robyn has brought a wealth of knowledge and a 'no fuss' approach to meditation."
A woman practicing meditation inside her home
"I finally understand meditation
and how to get it based on
the techniques Robyn teaches."
A woman meditating while in a garden
"The title for the course really
does say it all."
Robyn teaching a live class
"What an incredible life-
changing course"
If you're still wondering if it's worth it...

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Testimonials from "Bringing Meditation Down To Earth"

"Accessible, friendly and designed for beginners in the country. A really practical step forward in aiding rural mental health."

"I am extremely grateful that I have had the opportunity to complete this course and was able to learn so much about meditation in an extremely straightforward and concise format."

"This course was very effective for me as it was the perfect mix of general information backed by the science of meditation, combined with Robyn's engaging teaching style and her experience in this area and willingness to share so much."

"Support material was straightforward, clear and a good length. Diary was good to keep track of commitment to meditation. "

"I am calmer, make better decisions, feel healthier and less stressed as a result of this course. The support material is amazing and a great reference to aid in more successful meditation."

"Just reiterated the many benefits of meditation. The training was all fabulous. Impressive per the emails as other trainers say they will be sending material but rarely do."

Hosted by Robyn Lynch, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Robyn has a passion for 'True Wellness’.

Her dream is that all people have access to the wisdom of self-knowing that allows each of us to experience our inherent freedom. As the founder of The Perfect Health Centre, she’s facilitated life-changing programs for thousands of clients. Robyn has a B. Ed and has studied extensively in Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, Meditation and breakthrough healing practices. Her qualifications include being an Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner, holding a Masters from the Chopra Centre University and she is currently lecturer on the Faculty of IYTA. (International Yoga Teachers Association.)

Robyn standing in professional attire